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EMG's Rental Assistance Demonstration ("RAD") project, Bohn Tower in Cleveland, was featured on HUD's website in its RAD Photo Essays series. Bohn Tower rises 22 stories in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Our team worked with property owner Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA).

The RAD Photo Essay series documents resident experience for properties that go through a RAD conversion. The purpose of RAD is to preserve and improve affordable housing so that residents can live in stable, healthy, and safe environments. This series is meant to highlight the real-life impact of RAD. After all, the success of RAD isn't measured in dollars but in people. We are excited to share how lives have been and will continue to be affected by RAD in a positive way. (

Renovation Project Details

The following information is from The Home in a High-Rise RAD Photo Essay

Transforming housing in downtown Cleveland through the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)

This transaction utilized equity drawn from 4% Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, an FHA insured 221(d)(4) first mortgage loan, and $2.5 million of CMHA’s Public Housing Capital Funds to complete $16 million of capital improvements in the 267-unit project.

Bohn Tower Project Details.jpg

Bohn Tower.jpg

RAD Photo Essays Credits to Heather Hill/The Cloudburst Group

EMG's HUD team is honored to have participated with the Cleveland community on this project. To learn more EMG's expertise with RAD programs.

EMG and RAD Physical Needs Assessments

EMG has expertise in the three key elements of the RAD Physical Condition Assessment Statement of Work (RPCA SOW), and is available to complete reports nationwide.

  • Physical Condition Assessment (PCA)
    Existing conditions assessment to forecast future needs and capital costs over a 20-year term. EMG’s report identifies and prioritizes maintenance, repair, and modernization items throughout the building and site.
  • Energy Audit
    Comprehensive onsite assessment identifies potential areas for energy reduction and cost savings through the recommendation of Energy Conservation Measures. EMG provides a summary report of prioritized measures based on payback analysis and Savings to Investment Ratio.
  • Energy Benchmarking
    Baseline provides insight into the energy performance across all housing authority sites. EMG identifies areas with the greatest potential for energy savings, with recommendations for action. Energy Star Rating will be provided, if available.
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