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Mandatory use of HUD's CNA eTool became effective 11/1/2017 for FHA multifamily mortgage insurance applications.

EMG_Object_Icon_HUD ETOOL.pngOur team has participated in the testing of the eTool since 2014. EMG's HUD specialists attended CNA eTool training sessions hosted by HUD across the country to help us prepare for this implementation. We understand the various ways it will impact you.

HUD Programs Currently Requiring the CNA eTool for processing:
  • Refinance/Acquisition
    • 223(a)(7) & 223(f)
  • Substantial Rehab less than gut rehab
    • 220, 221, 231
  • Supplemental Loans
    • 241(a)
  • New Construction or Substantial Rehab (gut rehab)
    • 220, 221, 231
    • HUD is NOT requiring the SEP/SEDI except in the following cases:
      • reduced MIP in consideration of compliance with a recognized green building standard; or
      • HUD underwriting of utility cost savings anticipated as a result of proposed conservation measures
  • Mark to Market Restructuring
  • RAD without insured mortgage financing*
  • 10 year update CNAs for assets with insured mortgages*
  • Partial Payment of Claims or Loan Modifications*
  • Section 202-811 w/ PRAC assistance, but not an insured mortgage transaction

*Use of the CNA eTool for these programs is voluntary at this time. CNA eTool use will become mandatory starting February 1, 2018.

EMG reports are accepted in every HUD office nationwide.

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